Guide to play Roulette

Roulette is a beautiful game to play. The Roulette is the french name for the wheel. This game offers excitement and thrill from the beginning of its invention. This game is popular in casinos, as this game is easy and simple to understand. You can find this game on the online casino Singapore. Here are some steps to learn regarding the Roulette.


You must learn the basics before playing the game, here are some rules to know before going to the table to place the bet.


Before starting any game, you should know the game better. You must have the knowledge of the equipment that is meant to play for Roulette. On the wheel, there are thirty-six numbers that start from zero. The same numbers are available on the table. You have to select a number and then the wheel spins, and the ball lands on one of the numbers from the wheel.

Know the inside bet

In the Roulette game, you have to anticipate the numbers and the type of pocket, where the ball lands. Here are some of the bets you can bet on.

  • For straight-up betting, you have to select one number between zero to thirty-six.
  • For split betting, you can select one number from zero to seventeen.
  • For split betting on three numbers from zero to eleven
  • Corner betting on four numbers from zero to eight.
  • The six-line betting plays on six numbers from zero to five.

Know the outside bets

These are the numbers that are made outside of the map.

  • Colour betting on red or black
  • Even or odd betting on the numbers of even or odd
  • Column betting on twelve numbers.
  • Dozen betting on the first twelve
  • High or low bet that pays one to one

The odds are important

Suppose the Roulette table contains a double zero then the chances of the Roulette increase even more. The odds are countable when you consider the blacks and reds, the odds, and even to bet on the numbers. Generally, the Roulette provides higher odds during the game.

Play the game

When you know the rules and are eager to play, you should look for the following things.

Find a table

You have to look for the table before you place your bet. The table you will select have a playing card that will describe the minimum, and the maximum bet played. The table will have a board that highlights the numbers that are to be played. You should note that with each spin the number will remain the same. The ball should also stay the same with every spin.

Watch the playing

It would help if you considered what’s going on in the game. First look to the round on the tables and then when the banker asks you hand the chips, handover the chips to the banker and start your playing. It would be best if you watched quietly before your turn comes, as the players playing their bet can make you learn several things about the actual game.


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