How do you recognize unfair bonus conditions?

Bonus conditions are not part of the regulatory provisions and can be written as desired by the casino. The aim of the respective conditions is to prevent the bonus from being paid out immediately after the deposit has been made. The wagering requirements have been introduced so that something is played with the bonus first. A reputable casino should also give you the option to forego the bonus. Be sure to write to customer service and clarify this before you make an initial deposit. But what are serious sales demands and where does it start to get dubious? First of all, I would like to introduce you to the most important bonus details of some online casinos so that you can get an impression of how they can differ.

I would like to elaborate on a few points in these provisions. First of all, it is noticeable that some wagering requirements relate solely to the bonus amount and others to the bonus plus deposit amount. The only thing you should pay attention to is the effective wagering requirement. If the bonus offers are the same, a 20-fold turnover from the bonus and deposit is the same as a 40-fold turnover from the bonus only. This trick is often used if you want to shine against the competition with particularly low numbers. This becomes particularly interesting when it is not a 100% bonus, but only a 50% bonus. If 20 times the bonus plus deposit is mentioned in the terms and conditions, it is actually 60 times the bonus amount! Take care that the effective bonus requirement does not exceed 50 times, at sites like . All values ​​up to then are ok, but if the value is higher, it will be very difficult to meet this requirement before most of the money is lost due to the house edge of the casino.

The time period is also crucial. Of course, the best providers are those who don’t set you a deadline by which you have to meet the sales requirements. Usually this is 30 days or more, some providers waive a deadline entirely. Unfortunately, Betfair Casino is not doing that well with only 7 days. If such a period has expired, the amount that has not been cleared is usually simply withdrawn from your player account, which is then viewed by ignorant players as an online casino fraud. Read the terms and conditions and bonus terms carefully to see how the bonus will be treated in the event of a time limit.

The different weightings of the various casino games has something to do with their house edge. Slot machines usually have a higher house edge (around 5%) than blackjack or roulette games. Therefore, real money wagers on slots are usually added to 100% of the required turnover. The European variant of online roulette , on the other hand, only has a house edge of 2.7%, which would make it easier to reach the conditions with less risk. In blackjack this looks a little different with only 0.5% house edge. Often you will find the Blackjack Switch with an even lower share, as this game only has a house edge of 0.13%. The different weighting of the games should ultimately serve to balance the various house advantages.

How else should you protect yourself on the Internet?

Apart from the casinos, there are still generally valid tips on how to protect yourself on the Internet. When it comes to protecting your personal data or protecting yourself against attempted fraud, the latest virus scanners or programs for detecting malware are at the top of the list. A firewall also helps to intercept fraudulent access from outside. Here you will find one of the best protection programs for

One or the other may cry out and claim that product XY is much better than this and that and anyway. That may be true in the details, but it is often just personal preference if you have been using a certain program for many years without any problems. This list therefore makes no claim to the absolute truth, these are only programs that are regularly at the top of various TOP10 lists.

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