Other funny actions of other casinos

Real money winnings and raffles them among the players? In some cases you have to make 30 turns on a slot with a minimum of 30 cents to participate.

In a normal online casino you can get at slot machine tournaments, cash races or partial cash prizes. However, for example, a possible maximum win of € 8,000 requires you to bet € 333 on the slot machine – many players will surely leave with a loss to these filthyrich tournaments, though I also know players who have been very lucky.

There are sometimes free spins, which can be exchanged for coins, cash back promotions or prize money raffles. I once bought 10 free spins at the slot with the coins. I have won 87 cents and should then use a total of 34 ¬ to free the money. I think everyone can imagine what happened to the bonus money.

Bonus promotions where you can at least sometimes be lucky

None of the online casinos gives players anything during the Advent season. Nevertheless one can be lucky with some providers and get some free games without deposit. Matthias made an effort and wanted to make me the bonus tasty, with his style of play he has managed that partially.

I once looked at the actions at filthyrichslots.com, sometimes there are deposit bonuses, sometimes winning prizes, but there have also been free spins. On December 5th, you could secure 10 free spins. In my view, it’s worth stopping by. On Santa’s Day there was an action that you can win the device Echo of Amazon, if you get 10 times in a row at Book of Ra Deluxe something. Judging by the rarity of a combination chain of 10 times at the slot, the price is not justified. So you have to be careful here too, as far as the actions are concerned.